Sunday, July 13, 2014

5 Different Ways I've Discovered to Make Money Online

Making money online is great!  You can earn from anywhere in the world, the startup costs are generally very low, and anyone who has a little common sense can give it a go.  However it does take quite a bit of work to see any results.

Here are some of the tactics I've been using recently:

  • Write Content for Hubpages and Squidoo - Both these networks pay the authors to write content.  It does take a long time to build up the number of articles required to earn anything half decent though. But once you have created a number of articles, then they will continue earning for you for months to come.
  • Build a Twitter Audience and Use MyLikes - Mylikes is a social advertising network.  It is Pay Per Click.  So you post an ad to your twitter account and you get paid for every person who visits your link.  You do need a big twitter profile with lots of followers.
  • Use PopUnder Advertising - I've been using popunders on a website of mine.  This guide explains more about pop cash.
  • Write an Ebook.  Writing ebooks can provide passive income for months and months.  I publish ebooks that I write on the Amazon Kindle store.  
  • Selling Websites.  If you know how to build websites, then you can sell them to people who don't know how.  There are lots of people who want to own a prebuilt website.  I like to sell money making websites.
So they are just some of the tactics I am using to make money online.  Which methods are you using?