Friday, October 1, 2010

Use The Best Spinner for Article Marketing

Article spinning is an important part of article marketing. It allows you to create multiple articles (sometimes up to 250) out of just one piece of content.

This means, you can simple create one article, spin it, and submit all the spun articles to various article directory sites without having to worry about duplicate content.

You can spin articles by hand, but this is very time consuming. Instead use an automated tool like The Best Spinner

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bookmarkwiz Coupon

Bookmarkwiz is a great bookmarking tool. It submits your articles, sites and posts to a number of high ranking social bookmarking sites all automatically. This tyoe of software can dramatically increase your backlinks and traffic. You can also get a 10% bookmarkwiz discount. Simple enter the bookmarkwiz coupon code to get your discount when checking out.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Write 20 Aritcles A Day

Unlike the title suggests, I don't think you should post 20 articles a day. Rather I want people to understand just how much work it takes to make money online or through blogging.

If you aren't seeing any affiliate sales and Adsense revenue, its probably not because you don't know how. I'm guessing you've read enough blogs to know exactly how. Its becuase you aren't putting in the effort.

It takes the equivilant of writing 20 500 word articles a day to earn an income online. If you're not putting in that much work you won't succeed.

So Start Working!

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