Monday, November 30, 2009

Should You Submit Your Blog to Directories

Here's a common question: "should I submit my blog to directories".

Directories are remnants of yesterdays internet. They used to be widely used before search engines. But these days, why browse through a directory when you can just skip straight to a search engine and find exactly what you need.

But directories provide another valuable commodity - backlinks. However, even these backlinks a questionable and the SEO experts are still unsure as to whether these actually help your Pagerank or not.

So will submitting your blog to a directory build PR or traffic - the answer is probably not. You may gain some link love (pr) and you may see the odd visitor or two. But don;t rely on directories as a source of traffic or marketing.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Find Your Websites Worth

CyberWyre has a neat tool that will tell you how much your site is worth.

Simply input your sites/blogs URL and it will spit out a value. Its good for general adsense sites and blogs but not good for web apps. It was many thousands off the real value of one of my apps.

What is also neat about this tool is it will give you some monetisation ideas and explain how much you could earn in a month if you used that option.

Find out how much your site is worth

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Track Blog Visitors in Realtime

Wouldn't it be cool to see exactly how many visitors are currently viewing your blog, what they're reading and where they came from - all live and in realtime.

Thanks to the wonderful stats application Clicky, its now easier that ever to track your blog visitors in realtime.

Unlike Google Analytics, which is updated daily, Clicky provides a liver overview of your website. If you're interested in marketing and seeing how visitors come to your site - this is essential.

Price wise the news is also good as Clicky is free although I di recommend trying the pro versions as they unlock so pretty incredible features like Goals and Campaigns which are really useful for affiliate marketing.

Take a look at Clicky